Our Parish

More than 250 years of faith-filled commitment distinguishes St. Joseph's Parish, a Roman Catholic community located in West Milford Township in rural northern New Jersey.  Lay people founded this community in 1765 and maintained it in the consistent practice of the Roman Catholic faith, thus earning it the honor of being the State's oldest parish.   Today's parishioners, responding to the needs of the changing West Milford area, aim to develop further the lay involvement and long tradition of hospitality that historically characterizes St. Joseph's.  They accomplish this by expressing their baptismal commitment through worship, education, caring for the needy in their midst, and sharing of their gifts and talents in the organization and conduct of the parish and its apostolates.

Whether you are a member of our parish family, someone new to our community, or someone just surfing the net, we welcome you to come and join us as a loving family of faith who gathers to give praise and thanks to an all loving God who directs and guides our days.

Mass Schedule

   9:00 AM Church 

   9:00 AM Church
   5:00 PM Church

   8:00 AM Church
 10:00 AM Parish Center
 12:00 PM Church

Mon-Thurs   9 AM - 4 PM
Friday  9 AM - 12 Noon
Saturday & Sunday Closed