General Information

Nestled in the hills of West Milford, not far off Route 23 North, but seemingly in a different world, lies Saint Joseph Church and Cemetery.  Adjacent to this historic landmark church is our traditional section known as St. Mary Magdalene Section.   This beautiful statue dedicated on her feast day, July 22nd, overlooks this sacred ground.
Today cemetery land is a valuable asset and growing scarcer with each passing year. Therefore, to best utilize the land remaining, two columbariums have been placed in the All Souls Section for cremation burials.  We will only bury cremains in the ground with an existing deed.

Prices for Interment at St. Joseph’s Cemetery

Traditional Site & Perpetual Care    $1,250.00
Traditional Site Opening Fee   $1,250.00

Traditional - Foundation Fee  
1ft. wide up to 2 ft. long    $450.00
1ft. wide up to 3 ft. long    $550.00
1ft. wide up to 4 ft. long    $650.00
1ft. wide up to 5 ft. long    $750.00

 Columbarium Single(niche & opening/closing)   $2,000.00                                                                                                         Columbarium Double(niche & opening/closing) $3,000.00

Cremation Opening Fee(for existing deeds)   $250.00 (weekdays); $350 (weekends)

Funeral Mass Offering  $250.00
Music Fee  $200.00

Perpetual Care is included in the pricing of all plots. This service is a commitment of the Church to provide a lawn, general lawn cutting and lawn trimming around stonework.  The Church assumes no responsibility for the care of markers or monuments.  The Church assumes no responsibility for damage done to markers or monuments.

Mass Schedule

   9:00 AM Church 

   9:00 AM Church
   5:00 PM Church

   8:00 AM Church
 10:00 AM Parish Center
 12:00 PM Church

Mon-Thurs   9 AM - 4 PM
Friday  9 AM - 12 Noon
Saturday & Sunday Closed