Before Mass  1. Dress appropriately and respectfully for Mass using business dress or casual attire.
2. Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. Welcome all Congregants.
3. Check for bulletins, Beacons, announcements and other handouts.
4. Select 2 congregants to process with Gifts during the Offertory. Use a variety of people rather than selecting the same individuals.
5. Offer to assist disabled congregants into church using the Handicapped entrance.
6. Ring the church bell five minutes prior to the start of Mass. 
During Mass 1. Remain quiet during Mass.
2. Attempt to make congregants comfortable. Open windows if it is warm. Close rear doors if it is cold or if street noise is disruptive.
3. Latecomers should not attempt to be seated during the Readings. Where possible they should be seated during the Responsorial Psalm or after the Readings.
4. Take headcount of all attendees excluding infants. Record this on tracking form. This form should be sent to the Rectory with the collection following the Noon Mass.
5. Ushers should carry collection basket during Offertory procession and give to celebrant, except for the Noon Mass in the church. (see item #6 below).
6. For the Noon Mass, the collection basket should be brought directly to the Rectory rather than the altar.
7. Ring the church bell once during the elevation of the Host and the Blood.
8. Two ushers should control flow of Communion from front rows to back rows by guiding from center aisle.
After Mass 1. Pass out bulletins, Beacons and other handouts.
2. Ring the church bell at the conclusion of the closing song.                                                 
3. Clean up seats and place hymnals and prayer books in slots located under benches. Pick up any papers on the floor.          

Head Usher: Anthony Leone
Director of Volunteers: Antonietta Dellapi  - 973-697-6100

Mass Schedule

   9:00 AM Church 

   9:00 AM Church
   5:00 PM Church

   8:00 AM Church
 10:00 AM Parish Center
 12:00 PM Church

Mon-Thurs   9 AM - 4 PM
Friday  9 AM - 12 Noon
Saturday & Sunday Closed